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Methinks Lisa loves the video light too much!

Published:Tuesday | May 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Lisa Hanna, ever gorgeous yet awfully lacking in substance, is at it again. Her wanton love for attention, especially on social media, is really painful and seems desperate.

She has a history of public fumbles, starting with the girls' home saga, to the lands in Sligoville, to allegations of

plastic rice, which was thoroughly investigated by the Bureau of Standards and found to be groundless. Now she's harping about toll booths.

Perhaps Ms Hanna is upset that her status, or her Miss World figure, or the badge of member of parliament that she wears, would give her preferential treatment. Oh, no, when she's treated like any ordinary, poor, black Jamaican.

Now I want to ask a few questions of Ms Hanna:

1. Why didn't you, like any other Jamaican who is travelling on a toll road, check beforehand to make sure that you had the correct cash in your possession?

2. Why did a video camera-loving person as yourself not record the alleged rude and unprofessional behaviour of the supervisor at the toll office? It was a public space and one could not have been prevented from recording such footage. This would have given your story balance and credibility.