Sat | Jan 22, 2022

55 acres of Crown land gone?

Published:Tuesday | May 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Five of us retired professionals were shocked when we heard on Tuesday that the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) had given to the Chinese investors and road builders much of the land we wanted for our children and grandchildren who were born in Independence year, 1962.

Since 67,000 Jamaicans were born in that year, our suggestion was to give an agricultural acre to each of 55, 000 in celebrating the island's 55th anniversary. We also suggested that the project be minimised by giving 55 acres to 55 people who were born on Independence Day, August 6.

We made our suggestions to various officials, but not one has answered us and we wonder if they know that the un-valuated and under-valuated land have been given to the Chinese investors, as reported by the media. Two of us who grew up at Laughing Waters, St Ann, are distressed to hear that historic facility, a bequest: 'given to the people of Jamaica', has been handed over to the Chinese. That is not right, but where do we go from here? You did see who gave away the land? Should we unite and take back the land from the Chinese without getting 'hog-stye' over both eyes?

Veronica Blake Carnegie