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In defence of the legal profession

Published:Wednesday | May 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Ian Boyne seems to have a problem with lawyers. Earlier this year, in The Sunday Gleaner, January 8- presenting his proposal to curtail civil liberties in the fight against crime- unprovoked, he inveighed against lawyers and civil rights advocates, to be put down the following day as nonsense.

He did it again last Sunday, May 7, when he sought to reprimand me and my colleague, Valerie Neita Robertson Q. C., for defending the legal profession. If Mr. Boyne knew the massive Continuing Legal Professional Development programme undertaken by the General Legal Council with ethics as a compulsory subject, he might not be so churlish towards the legal profession. Had he known the untiring efforts of the Disciplinary Committee of the Council to clean up the profession investigating every complaint against lawyers and imposing sanctions where necessary, he might have hesitated in giving support to the broad-brush attack on the profession.

Mr. Boyne wrote boldly with disregard for propriety in behaviour towards others; unmindful of the adage: If you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything. In standing up for what one believes, be prepared to put up with minor irritation from the disturbed.

Frank Phipps Q.C.