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I've fought banks in, and out of, government

Published:Sunday | May 14, 2017 | 9:02 AM


I refer to your publication of May 11, 2017 and your Letter of the Day titled 'Banking reform needed immediately' by Mark Trought. I humbly accept the support on the banking fee issues by the writer. In his letter, he writes: "However, Mr Fitz Jackson should have been as strident when he was in government, and I find his actions to be like all our politicians - only about themselves."

I take it that this remark was amid his disgust at what prevails in our banking practices and he was not able to apprise himself of the genesis of my parliamentary effort in the matter.

For the record, it was in November 2013 that I tabled a private member's motion on the matter while on the government benches of the Parliament. I do hope he gets a chance to independently confirm my assertion by checking the full records of Parliament, where he will also note my numerous expressions of frustration with the slow responses during many sittings of Parliament. Some of these have been noted in media.

I also tried to chronicle this genesis and frustrations along the way in my contribution on the matter in Parliament just last Tuesday.


Member of Parliament

South St Catherine