Sat | Dec 4, 2021

Samuda disgraceful

Published:Sunday | May 14, 2017 | 9:22 AM


I am appalled at the comments levelled towards Dayton Campbell by government member of parliament (MP) Karl Samuda, who is also a Cabinet minister.

It is even more appalling to see Jamaicans justify those comments both on social media and otherwise, all in the name of political affiliations.

Were such comments levelled towards another MP, it would be seen as blatant disrespect.

For Mr Campbell to be referred to as a "piece of s&*%" speaks volumes to Mr Samuda's lack of class and character.

I am sure if such remarks were made by Portia Simpson Miller, many Jamaicans would have burnt her at the stake. What is even more appalling is that the prime minister and leader of the JLP has remained silent on this issue. A better man would have denounced such behaviour from the get-go.

I commend Dr Campbell for being man enough to walk away and not stooping to the level of Mr Samuda. It is sad that as a servant of the people, Mr Samuda's vocabulary was not elevated enough for him to address Mr Campbell as a grown man.