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Move Father's Day to May

Published:Monday | May 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Having just celebrated another Mother's Day, I am once again perturbed. The main reason for my discomfort is that while Child Month and Mother's Day are commemorated in May, Father's Day is not part of family month celebrations. In fact, it is tucked away somewhere in the middle of June, where hardly anyone remembers it. Mind you, I am not lobbying for a level of commercialisation similar to that of Mother's Day.

In an age when the men are blamed, and rightly so, for many of society's ills, aren't we keeping down men further ? Some men are blamed for entertaining only a visiting relationship with one or several families, yet society doesn't make enough effort to change that script. In other words, we accommodate unfavourable qualities in our men, yet we expect them to do better.

Let us in Jamaica move our Father's Day celebration to the first Sunday of Family Month. Let the man feel that he has an important role in leading his family in responsible ways and that he is included. Let men see themselves not just as sperm donors or lunch-money providers, but as important and integral individuals within the family, providing emotional support as well.

Then, I believe our people will better appreciate the need for having the father's surname on the child's birth certificate and we may witness more men attending PTA meetings and other child-related functions.