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The MPs are to be blamed

Published:Wednesday | May 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I respond to Member of Parliament (MP) Fitz Jackson's private members motion to put in place legislation that will give the banking sector a chance to make a better contribution to the development of Jamaica, from whose people's pockets they earn billions of dollars each year.

Although I applaud Mr Jackson's effort, my big question is still this: what about the other MPs in his People's National Party's (PNP) side? That great saviour, Dr Peter Philips even. What about the MPs from the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) side: why so much quietude? When I heard Mr Jackson making his presentation, the only thing I heard Karl Samuda contribute was on some issue he had with parking space. Maybe he had a problem with his grass deliveries.

If one examines the issues closely, one must come to the conclusion that the real concern is not about the banks and their unfair practices; it is about parliamentarians who avoid correcting these imbalances. I am led to believe that these MPs are either afraid of, or are in some collusion with, these bankers. I am becoming more and more disappointed with our legislators, even the ones I know personally.

Our country will never develop with all these crime plans, Economic Growth Council (chaired by a banker even), HOPE, JEEP, etc, until the bankers respect the small man and stop smiling at him while stabbing him in the back. The Andrew Holness Government is similarly a talk shop as the previous administration.

I hope to directly involve myself with MP Jackson's actions, if he is willing.

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