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Don't mistreat streetside vendors

Published:Thursday | May 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am having an issue with the way vendors on the street are being treated by the police, who are supposed to be acting on the behalf of our Government! The same Government that claims it cares for the people and always forgets the fact that a lot of persons don't have a job anymore, while some may never be fit for employment because of lack of education or simply because of their home address.

Yes, we don't want the vendors on the streetside, so please provide bigger and better market spaces for them. It's badly needed. Also, it's the only way to solve this issue of streetside vending.

There are not enough jobs, and these vendors have kids to feed and school and other bills to pay. Besides, many of them have to credit the produce they sell. Therefore, when the police officer who should be fighting crime/protecting us is the same one seizing items for sale, sometimes even abusing the vendors, don't you see that you are creating monsters?

I am pleading with you, Mr Prime Minister, please get the Government's act together.



Portmore, St Catherine