Thu | Jul 29, 2021

Service body like your car

Published:Thursday | May 18, 2017 | 4:49 PM


There was an interesting article in your paper recently, titled 'Over 50 and worried', by Dr Tomlin Paul. I chuckled as I recalled a comment made some time ago by well-known journalist and now retired cultural and literary professor, Carolyn Cooper, when an interviewer asked her about ageing and life as a woman of a particular age.

Professor Cooper, in her colourful style, fired back, asking what exactly that meant, adding that she was not "pop-dung ... and you can either die young, or live old ... , take your pick!" That comment stuck with me, as, indeed, ageing is a natural part of life.

Surprisingly, many do fear ageing, especially upon reaching a new decade. But the main changes are priorities and, perhaps, interests. Yes, there may be health issues also, but many of these are manageable if we are aware and get routine check-ups.

We have seen too many Jamaican men, in particular, going to work and dying suddenly on the job. Women generally tend to be more proactive.

We have to encourage a culture of healthy living, which includes food and nutrition, exercise and leisure, and, of course, seeing a doctor. The same way we maintain cars, likewise we should treat the body as a machine. Parts will go bad. There will be mechanical problems. We must, therefore, change the oil and service occasionally, or else we can expect a breakdown.