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Apologies in order for Dub Club fiasco

Published:Friday | May 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The media were so quick to criticise Culture and Entertainment Minister Olivia 'Babsy' Grange when she stood up for the Rasta event at Dub Club that was shut down on carnival day by the police, who claimed that Karlyle Lee did not have a permit. Ms Grange said the police actions, which included the use of pepper spray and handcuffed arrest, showed there were "two Jamaicas". How right she was!

The Dub Club is not just a place where young artistes get a chance to perform live before a critical audience, but a popular venue for visitors to Kingston who want to hear real roots reggae that is hardly available anywhere else. The Dub Club is the epitome of what Jamaica is known for, entertainment and culture, and that must be preserved.

Now that a copy of the Dub club permit was presented in court, and Mr Lee, who goes by the name Gabre Selassie, has been cleared of all charges, some apologies are due.

There should be an apology from the police to Brother Gabre and patrons of Dub Club who were treated in such a heavy-handed manner, as well as one from some media houses to Minister Grange, with some praise for her swift action to pre-empt what could have become a major controversial issue.

Minister Grange continues to be the best culture minister we have seen in recent times, and as such, she must be commended for defending Jamaican culture.


Vice-president, G2K

Spanish Town, St Catherine