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End the war against ganja

Published:Tuesday | May 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Christopher Tufton, the minister of health.

I know you have concerns about the expansion of the medical marijuana industry, especially under your portfolio as minister of health, but I seriously do not want to see Jamaica get left behind in a modern-era Prohibition when we were always the country known for the 'herb', and only were reticent about decriminalising it because of our neighbour, the United States. However, the US has made great strides and is continuing, state by state, to legalise it for both medical and recreational purposes.

Let me first make it plain that ganja is not for everybody. I do not think young people should use the herb as marijuana's use might hurt their growth and development.


Don't get left behind


I do not want to see Jamaica get left behind when we have always been at the forefront of this culture in the Western Hemisphere. Don't forget that ganja was brought to Jamaica by the indentured Indians when they came more than a century ago. It is just a shame that Jamaica did not start the trend that we had to wait until America did it first.

Now the police can use their time more profitably, following up real criminals, and leaving the man with his joint to go his way unmolested.

And think of the much-needed income to be gained!

I am asking you to get behind the thrust for legalisation of marijuna.

I completely agree that ganja is not for everyone, and I would happily be on a platform to say this. Legalise it or not, Jamaicans have been smoking the blessed herb and will continue to do so ad infinitum.