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UDC's shabby treatment of Fort Clarence

Published:Wednesday | May 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) refusal to take on the redevelopment of the Fort Clarence Beach Park on its own and its attempt to pass this off for divestment is disappointing and shameful to say the least. The UDC has advertised repeatedly to divest its responsibilities to develop the Beach Park but it has not had any takers, yet it has not moved to do the right by developing the park on its own.

The Corporation seems to be forgetting the name 'urban' in its name, or how else could it ignore the need of such a large metropolis like Kingston and St Andrew for a proper beach facility, when it spends millions of dollars on developing similar facilities across the island especially in the tourist area. Is it that we locals are not important?


Misunderstood mandate


The Corporation must understand that though it's mandated to run like a private company, it has a duty to also serve the needs of the people who are the owners of this business. We the people of the Corporate Area need a good beach with all the necessary facilities just like those at Dunns River in Ocho Rios and Negril in Westmoreland. The UDC should make every effort to give us this needed facility without further delay.

Winston Barrett

Manor Park