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Thanks for repaved roads, but …

Published:Friday | May 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Marcia Palmer

Montego Bay

Within the last two months, we have seen the repaving of some of our roads in Montego Bay. As someone who lives and drives in the town and surrounding communities, I am very elated for the improvement. I am sure the taxi operators, like many of us, are also just happy, as we can see some savings on auto parts and fuel.

However not being an engineer but hearing engineers in discussions years ago, roads should be built with an oval shape as to allow water to run off, which will limit the damage to the road surface. The recent resurfacing had me looking for this factor, and I noticed only the sections of the roadways that previously had this oval shape factor were still in place and other sections were flat.

The stretch of road that runs between Cornwall College and Mt Alvernia High School was among the recently resurfaced roadways, and no proper water run-off has been put in place. The recent rains have visibly shown the tackiness of the road resurfacing that has been taking place. Potholes were evident the morning after the heavy rains of May 18.




We know, over the years, that a body of water remains whenever there is heavy rain that runs from the field of Cornwall College through the gate and on to the road and across the road. No path has been made for this movement. Hence, the road will continue to be dug out by the water whenever we have weather similar to that which we just experienced. Is a culvert needed? With the roads being damaged within two months, who is responsible to do the repairs now and to ensure proper paths for the water to run off.

Ministry of Works, and Stephen Shaw, the voice of the National Works Agency, I trust you will visit these roads to inspect the work and ensure we the people of Montego Bay are getting our money's worth in these projects. I also hope the repairs will be done at no extra cost to the people of Jamaica, as there should be a clause stating that if the surface becomes damaged within a certain period, the certified contractor will repave/repair once all the stipulations are met.

I am very thankful for the resurfacing, but it needs to be done properly.