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Gun in the gully

Published:Sunday | May 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


A friend of mine recently related how she was robbed of her phone along the Half-Way Tree Road.

She was driving in traffic in the vicinity of the gully near Tropical Battery when the snail-like traffic came to a stop. Her cell phone was in her hand when a youngster came up to the window and grabbed the phone. She held on to it and the youth wrestled with her for a few seconds before pulling it from her hand and running off. She was frightened and scared. It happened so fast that most of the other road users did not realise what had taken place.

As a civic-minded citizen, my friend decided to report the incident at the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

Now, this is where the rubber meets the road. If it were a complete stranger, I would say they were lying, but I don't have any reason to believe my friend was not being truthful. She indicated that the policeman listening to her ordeal did not choose to record anything. He then said to her, "Lady, every day that happen same place on Half-Way Tree Road." So what is going to happen now, officer?

"We can't do anything about dat," was his reply. So my friend asked, "Do you want me to go down in the gully and look for the bwoy myself?" The policeman said to her, "Mi hear seh de bwoy dem have gun down inna di gully."

No official statement was taken and so no investigation will be done. My friend left the station dejected and hopeless. She went back to the location in the night with a couple of her relatives to see if they could find the culprit but did not find anyone.

A number of things played out in this experience, but I am convinced that jungle justice will not just go away, because he who knows better will do better. I have heard that this is a regular thing along this strip of roadway and if the police cannot do anything about it, the citizens are going to deal with it in their own ways. The police are aware of the activities in this area and they can prevent more serious crimes from being committed by nipping this in the bud.

Petty crimes turn into bigger crimes if ignored and then sooner than later, we have monsters to deal with, where more scarce resources are required to be employed.

Kenneth Grant