Mon | Jan 24, 2022

Concerned by PM's conduct

Published:Tuesday | May 30, 2017 | 2:53 PM


I am hoping that the prime minister did his checks about the suitability of the houses being built by Food For The Poor before jumping to its defence, as this would suggest that he is not inclined to properly inform himself before making crucial decisions affecting vulnerable people.

Indeed, I am also concerned that he is said to have signed off on the land deal with Chinese government building the highway without a valuation being done.

I hoping that the prime minister is not only fulfilling his own dreams and not anchoring the people of Jamaica with it, because I would have to label him a first-class hypocrite.


The fact that his Economic Growth Council and 5-in-4 are against the backdrop of higher fuel prices will suggest that he does not have a full handle on things economic. Why is his Government contemplating refurbishing the stadium at a cost of $5 billion when we have devastated roads and the building of a multitude of statues at this time?

It would seem to me that we are caught between an opposition leader whose record does not say much and a sitting prime minister who is concerned about his singular and personal dream.

My dream is for the betterment of all Jamaicans, especially the less fortunate, from whom I emanate, and I seek no friends in that ambition.