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Don't stop progress at Caymanas Park

Published:Thursday | June 1, 2017 | 2:37 PM


The Gleaner, on Monday, May 9, published the article 'Grooms appeal for dialogue', where Fabian White, grooms' president, expressed dissatisfaction with the Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited's (SVREL) channel of communication. Mr White indicated that decisions were being made without prior discussion and consideration of members.

In my opinion, Mr White is clearly confused as to what it is that he really wants. Does he want his grooms and other members, riders, trainers, etc, to be safe, or not? Mr White's complaints are contradictory. I find it rather confusing that he and Mr Edwards are complaining that the area is unsafe, while criticising security measures that are being taken to keep the same grounds and staff safe.

What I am getting from the Grooms Association is that it didn't like the fact that it wasn't called to a meeting and spoonfed this new information. I think this is petty and should not have been given any attention from the writer, Ainsley Walters.

There can be no progress if no one is inclined to change. SVREL is in the process of creating a First-World facility. As such, it will have to take a First-World approach in every aspect of the business, including how communication is relayed. In huge organisations across the world, memos, notices and letters are sent as communication.

Meetings are not held every time a decision is taken. That leads to time-wasting, which does not benefit the company as a whole. Mr White got the memo and was well aware of the changes; he just needs to now work with it!