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Get on board to save at-risk youth

Published:Thursday | June 1, 2017 | 3:05 PM


I write in response to the editorial appearing in the Saturday, May 13, 2017 edition of The Gleaner under the heading 'The challenge of idle youth'.

As chairman of Gore Developments Limited (GDL) and the Gore Family Foundation (GFF), we, too, applaud the Government's proposed Jamaica National Service Corps project in the planned recruitment and sponsorship of at-risk young men for educational and skills training purposes.

I recently met with the chief of defence staff, Major General Rocky Meade, among others, and both GDL and GFF have committed to sponsoring 50 youngsters from troubled areas in Montego Bay and its environs, with a view to their learning English, mathematics and 'life skills' towards gainful employment.

To this end, I invited Dennis Chung, CEO of the PSOJ, to accompany me to the meeting, and he has promised to canvass his membership for sponsorship so that we can really support the programme in Montego Bay.

The cost to train each young adult will be approximately J$178,000, and we urge the leading lights in the private sector to get involved and get on board! If each prominent company/organisation commits to sponsoring 50 young men, we will soon reach the 700 target, and be well under way in what can only be viewed as a much-needed, worthwhile and overdue endeavour.



Gore Developments Ltd