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Published:Friday | June 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Below is feedback to the lead story for 'Balancing the force - JCF policy provides equilibrium but response should be proportional to threat, says JFJ' (Thursday, June 1, 2017).

The police force was created to protect the colonials from the natives after the Morant Bay war, so force was encouraged by the State. In 1976, Michael Manley made it worse during the state of emergency when he created unconstitutional law.

- Kevin James


Exactly, PM! It only make things worse. People are literally afraid of some, if not the majority, of the police force, all because of their unprofessional behaviour over the years. At least we have a PM who acknowledges this!!

- YK Asani


You know that it's been a long time that justice woman Susan Goffe has talked about the force that the police use against the people. Thank you, Ms Susan Goffe, for letting it be known a long time ago, when no one was listening.

- Alfred Spicer


When the police start getting the ones who sending out marijuana for coke and guns, then Jamaica will be a better place. We need to understand the psychology of the crime issue in Jamaica. For example: West Kingston and South Clarendon have been known to be volatile hotbeds for crime for decades. Several young men have died, and yet the guns that were in those areas kept rotating. Guns are always in those areas, no matter the arrests, deaths and seizures. These young men, most times, don't even have the requisite identifications. Who have been giving them the guns over the years?

The men in the communities are not the problem. The system that fails to hunt the big fish in the shadows is the problem in Jamaica.

- Mi Kahell


Most of the police are corrupt. They are the reason why crime is so high. If they take in someone, they want to box and beat them. This should never be. Most of the people they do this to are law-abiding citizens; even the women do it. They need to go to prison.

- Del Brown