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Get tough on disruptive students

Published:Sunday | June 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Teachers have to spend valuable teaching time disciplining students, which robs well-behaved students of class time. In situations like the recent forced haircut of a student at Vauxhall High, the school should be allowed to expel the student so that teachers and students can function in a proper school environment. Parents, then, would be forced to deal with the situation themselves, as teachers are not surrogate parents.

Teenagers who lack discipline and have no intention to take their opportunity of being offered a good education should not be allowed to disrupt a school's activities. They should be their parents' burden and not those of the teachers.

Many persons are blaming the teachers (including the Ministry of Education) to the point where we have all lost sight of the issue. Many persons now focus on the end result of the student being held down and cutting his hair rather than focus on the genesis of the problem. The genesis of the problem is indiscipline. Maybe I am from the old school where we had a caning system in place. And if a student had disciplinary issues, expulsion was always an option.

We are told that disciplining students by way of caning is corporal punishment, and so we are seeing the manifestation of 'sparing the rod and spoiling the child'. Teachers are not dealing with normal students anymore and their jobs are becoming extremely frustrating and dangerous, as students have been reportedly taking offensive weapons to school.