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Nonsensical, ill-advised suggestion

Published:Wednesday | June 7, 2017 | 1:16 PM


Having heard Councillor John Myers' comments on the collection of market fees in the Kingston and Saint Andrew Municipality, I am shocked and most upset. He suggested the employment of extortionists be used to help collect market fees. How can an elected official even consider rewarding criminality? Because that's exactly what this proposal would do. It would incentivise criminals to prey on unsuspecting, hard-working Jamaicans. We already have an accountability problem in this country and the councillor really wants criminals to take charge of money collection?

Not only is this suggestion unwise, but it's also categorically nonsensical. It shows that our officials have run out of good ideas or they lack the critical-thinking skills that this country needs in order to move forward. I will not allow such ill-advised comments to go unchecked, and I implore my fellow Jamaicans to do the same.

Mickel I. Hylton

Public Relations Officer

Debating and Public Speaking Society

UWI, Mona