Sat | Nov 27, 2021

Nothing wrong with INDECOM-police pact

Published:Thursday | June 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM


How ironic that Norman Lee, in his response letter to an Observer article titled 'Montague believes JCF, INDECOM are best friends', failed to mention that there was a significant reduction in fatal shootings between 2013 and 2014, or that for the July-September period of 2016, INDECOM completed 112 reports, of which 38 per cent had no charges or disciplinary action for the police?

Typical human nature highlights negative outcomes. Letter writer Norman Lee ('INDECOM must not be in bed with police', Gleaner, June 7, 2017) totally ignored the facts National Security Minister Robert Montague outlined in the article from INDECOM's quarterly reports ('More INDECOM cases are being completed with no charges or disciplinary actions against our officers'). With that said, the 'bad' cops among the bunch are being sieved out because there have been cases where police personnel have been arrested and charged.

Many are of the belief that INDECOM prevents our officers from carrying out their duties! That is definitely not the case! INDECOM is here to ensure that the police are complying with the rules and regulations of the force. The minister is only trying to create better relations between the two groups. I don't see anything wrong with that!