Sun | Nov 28, 2021

Anti-gay trumpet is all noise

Published:Sunday | June 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Fundamentalist Christian and attorney-at-law Shirley Richards ought to have a seat. In a lengthy Sunday Gleaner column of June 11, 2017 ('Majority view on gay rights must have sway'), Richards went on and on about why she feels LGBT rights should not be included in Jamaica's Charter of rights, all based on her personal views against LGBT.

Richards' view is nothing new. These religious extremists have nothing better to do but preach their extreme thoughts to the masses. They don't get it that gays are people, too - human beings who deserve the same dignity, respect and human rights.

Richards is a well-known anti-gay activist. Her theory is not based on any sound principle of the law, but her own private religious beliefs. Her life is consumed with the fight against gays. She is always at the forefront of religious protests against gays.

If only Richards and others like her would channel this same type of energy leading the cause of countless social issues far more deserving of attention. I wish they would stand up with the same intensity against pastors who abuse their authority in the Church with sexual misconduct when they seduce minors. We don't hear them speaking out about rape and domestic violence, and crime in general, nor are their voices one of concern about social inequities. Richards' voice is solely devoted to the fight against LGBT.