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Online feedback | Montague under pressure after comment on crime

Published:Wednesday | June 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM




Agree with the Minister 100 per cent. There are no random murders in Jamaica. Unless you are unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or a victim of robbery, then most, if not all the murders, are either domestic violence or gang- related or scamming war. If anyone who is involved in these illegal activity dies then it's the reward they got for their work. Domestic disputes that end in death are unfortunate as well, but to some extent they could have been avoided

Check out the ghettos/inner city. Check how much money the families of gunmen over the years have spent on lawyers, bail and other court-related expenses, not to mention funerals. Look how many young people have died. You mean to tell me that the pull of the gun is so strong that they can't resist? How many families have been made poor by the sales of their assets to keep their family members out of prison; how much time you hear that women travel from where to where to get obeah men to help their son 'buss' case so he can be free? How are the government, minister and commissioner going to stop this?

This crime is a cultural problem which cannot be reversed in a short time.

-Warren McLeod

One thing I have to say: until the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers come to aid the police with information is involved in these murders, then they will likely be the next victim

- Clarence Pyne

Insecurity Minister, you are really out of your depth on this one. Please throw in the towel, and ask your prime minister to give you another portfolio.

- Shayne 'Popy' Fairman

Jamaica under siege and Minister Montaque telling the people not to be overly concerned? Is Minister Montaque is a mad man? I don't even live there and I feel afraid of coming to visit. Every day in the news families being murdered. How can you be busy looking for investors when the country is under siege.?

- Annmaria Hicks


Where in the world would a minister say you are not to be concern with a murder rate of more than five people per day? No wonder white people continue to say Black people are inferior and have small brain.

- Milton Grace


No one is arguing that crime is not a national problem with many causes and we all have a role. National security like health, education, and all other ministries are the national concerns and we all have responsibility. However, when we elect a government, we don't expect them to turn to the public to say 'we can't do anything about crime'. If that's the case why have a government?

-Jamaica Arise