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Letter of the Day | Dennis Chung an infidel of his own gospel

Published:Thursday | June 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Dennis Chung, CEO of the PSOJ and chairman of the NSWMA.


It is ironic that the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), and particularly its CEO, Dennis Chung, have come out so strongly against the National Water Commission (NWC) using government resources to compete with private companies by entering the bottled-water market.

While we are totally in an agreement with this position, private garbage companies have been lobbying for years that NSWMA, of which Dennis Chung is the chairman, has been competing with private waste-disposal companies for commercial contracts. The same principles of unfair competition apply.

The government agency does not pay dump fees, while private waste companies have to! NSWMA trucks are paid for by the taxpayers, while private waste-disposal companies have to borrow from the banks. There are many more examples of the fact that this competition is unfair.

Further, drivers and crew under cover of this policy themselves dishonestly engage private customers, 'hustling' because the policy allows for this travesty as there is nothing strange to see a government truck entering private premises for work. All this, while residential customers cannot get adequate service.

In principle, we totally agree that the NWC should not compete with the private companies. That principle should hold for all circumstances where the Government will have an unfair advantage, and the PSOJ should have a universal principle and be as vocal for the waste industry as it suddenly is for the private bottling companies.

Yes, Mr Chung?


Managing Director

Minott Services Limited