Tue | Dec 7, 2021

Quallo sounds like broken record

Published:Thursday | June 15, 2017 | 3:40 PM


After occupying the position of police commissioner for more than two months, the best crime-fighting plan George Quallo can come up with in the midst of a 19 per cent increase in murder is to regurgitate some failed attempts?

How can the commissioner just now be ready to put specific measures in place to stop the wave of killings in places like Hanover and Clarendon when the areas named have been experiencing alarmingly high murder rate since the start of the year?

The commissioner's feeble attempt must now be seen by everyone as a confirmation that the force is woefully bankrupt where effective and sophisticated crime-fighting ideas are concerned.


It truly pains my heart to see person after person in the police force rushing to apply for a job for which they know they do not possess the requisite creative and innovative competencies that will result in desired outcomes.

The police must stop using the lack of vehicles and other equipment as scapegoats for their failure to solve crime. To begin with, the police must deal with the serious issue of their extremely poor work ethic. Address the constabulary's inferior productivity.

Another significant move would be for the police force to unload itself of the many officers who obviously cannot make any meaningful contributions to the making of a modern police force.