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Counting the cost of crime

Published:Sunday | June 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Crime has become an albatross around Jamaica's neck, dragging us down from our rightful place on the world's stage.

Clarendon, St James and Hanover seem to be the devil's pawns, and as a nation, we're facing checkmate. Those in power have not seen it fit to implement drastic measures for the greater good, and consequently, we all suffer.

Shall criminals continue to act out what is shown on the silver screen, or cause the lyrics of popular dancehall songs to become true? That's a question to our leaders. Where does Government draw the line? Who will pull us from the brink of complete annihilation?

Midday and Montego Bay is turned into the Wild West. Cars pull up, rifles are drawn and a man killed who just walked out of a court of law! Do we understand the gravity of that crime? Can that be the normal state of a city? If they can get away with that at high noon, what will cause them to think twice to murder anyone anywhere?

I'd like to know what is more important to our leaders: to be liked, to sound like scratched records, or to leave office with heads held high for boldly doing what no other parliamentarian has done before?

The sooner we can get an answer to that, the sooner we will see change. The future is not for the faint-hearted or the ordinary soul; it is for those who are willing to make a difference. As Government, you swore to do just that, so do it! Forget the sideshows; crime is the main act. Face it or be bold enough to allow someone else to do so.