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Jamaica in a time warp

Published:Tuesday | June 20, 2017 | 12:40 PM


I am in a transitional state in becoming a returning resident, but there are several issues that I find alarming and would like to voice them.

1. On my most recent trip to the bank to make a deposit to my account, I realised that I was charged by the bank to make the deposit, charged by the bank to make a withdrawal, and, to top it all off, it took me three hours to make the deposit.

Here is the situation: Waited in line for more than two hours. Electricity went out. Security guards left their post to start the generator. Bank manager, after about 15 minutes, makes a statement that they are working to get the power back up. And, finally, I made the deposit without receiving a balance because "the system is down". Am I the only person that sees that there are issues with this, or is it an acceptable norm?

2. I wanted to experience rafting on the Martha Brae River and was told the cost was US$60. I've never heard a Jamaican product in America quoted in Jamaican dollars. Am I dramatic on this?


3. I went to have the light bill changed over to my name and also make a correction on the mailing address for the bill. I complained that I was not getting a bill and was told that the system would not allow a modification of the address. Shaking my head in total amazement.

4. I tried to get cable, and although a rep collected the money in cash at my residence for the installation, nobody showed up after six weeks. Having called several times, I was told somebody would get in touch with me about the installation. I finally got frustrated and went to the head office to get my money back, only to hear that they couldn't get in touch with the rep, but as soon as they did, they would call me so I could come back to pick up a cheque for my deposit.

I can rattle on and on about my experiences, but I feel I must be the only person experiencing these behaviours. Tell me it ain't so!