Thu | Oct 28, 2021

Teachers have rights, too

Published:Tuesday | June 20, 2017 | 12:32 PM


Almost every day a new probe is requested or a new oversight body is set up. Where does it end? Who will take the bull by the horns and move to action? When will teachers' rights be advocated for? Don't we see that students are taking over the classrooms?

Could there be consensus on issues of national interest like student crime, children's rights, educational justice, and school lifestyle without the horse-and-pony shows we're now used to?

Teachers are attacked in schools daily and they feel defenceless because of the apparent liberation of students, who, incidentally, still cannot teach themselves, but continue to go against every rule set to curb their wayward behaviour.

Perhaps we could act normal and expeditiously for once, and do the right thing. Stand now for something, before we fall again for some ill-conceived ideas trumped up by special interests, coming up with another set of unworkable rules that cause more problems than the solutions they claim to offer.