Mon | Jan 17, 2022

Everything Jamaican on auction block?

Published:Thursday | June 22, 2017 | 2:35 PM


Damian Graham's article 'Gov't Oval - By Jamaicans, for Jamaicans (Gleaner, June 16, 2017) is both revealing and alarming. It confirms that the Urban Development Corporation lacks the expertise to carry out the work that it has taken unto itself, and also confirms that it has already selected the firms from which to employ the technical assistance that it needs to carry out the assignment.

No one should take comfort in the fact that concept designs and crucial decisions on such a vital public space that "will reflect Jamaican culture, values, and identity in the monuments that will be created for generations to come" are dependent on "enhanced" technical support provided by unknown Chinese collaborators and favoured local technocrats.

Is our national pride a commodity to be sold to the lowest bidder?