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Protesters livid over 'fake' Garvey sculpture

Published:Tuesday | June 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The bust of Marcus Garvey at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus.

It is a really deplorable piece of work, makes the point crystal clear that we really do not have many world-class sculptors on the rock, and the bar of excellence in Jamaica is really low.

But, of all the serious issues we are faced with, a bust is not one of them. Getting the great name of Marcus Mosiah Garvey exonerated is one, and standing up for a crime-free Jamaica, peace, justice and civility are at the forefront. We are too cognisant of the way things look, while in reality, so many glaring problems are staring us in the face. Wise up, rise up, and stand for Jamaica!

- Shayne Sr Fairman


Wondering: If this bust is a fraud, what will make it real? A three-dimensional photographic image? What idleness, so typical of our vain culture.

- Douglas Simpson


The important things that you all should be protesting for, you are silent towards, but something as simple as this, you making the most noise for. KMT!

- Donovan Ricky Bartley


It's a real ugly statue. Why don't they just take it down or say it's someone else then. SMH.

- Shelly Kelly


Who cares! Praise God for your bread and water and worry about your people being killed in your community. Bless up.

- Richard Harris


This hero should be honoured appropriately. I stand with the protesters.

- Sheila Dawkins


Not good enough for our great leader, Marcus Garvey.

- Maj Maria


I thought they threw away that garbage down a Riverton dump. That's shameful, UWI.

- Lesa Thomas


A same so Bolt own fi mash up too!!!!

- Tesha Scott


Lock up the sculptor, lock him up!

- Paulette Mitchell Johnson