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Social Media Feedback | ‘The Winner from Waltham - Portia’s baby, Dr Tamara Foster (Sunday Gleaner, July 2, 2017)

Published:Wednesday | July 5, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Big up u good self, Mama P. You are the best of all time. You work for poor people, you give it your best shot. So let bad mind go find a corner. We have been an ungrateful set of Jamaicans who never say thanks for nothing we received, not even to God. So bless up yuself and enjoy your retirement, Mama P.

- Veronica Dehaney

Nice. Like her or don't like her, Miss P has been there for her community.

- Debbie A Wareham


Talk up youths. Let others know that Mother P was not selfish. She made a way for those kids who others turn up their nose on! Best thing you ever did Ms. Portia Simpson is give the youth them an education; it can never decay!

- Venecia Plummer

Helping others is good but you know public funds should benefit all. Those who benefit should give back as much so others may benefit.

- Bisasor Angela


No one doubts what she did for members of the constituency she served or that she has tried to uplift her constituency in general. But it does not change the fact that as prime minister, she was in way over her head and the goons she led in Parliament did nothing to stop the embarrassment she endured and also the many failures. As leader of her party and of the nation, she did little to nothing to fight the corruption in her administration and seemed less knowledgeable about things happening in her party. These are takeaways from her stellar career in politics.

- Dee George Butch