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Kids exposed to graphic language

Published:Friday | July 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM



The five of us retired professionals, all over 80, felt sure we raised our children with the good discipline and manners and speech, as we were raised. Now we look at some of our great grand children and wonder if it's not time to go out of what appears to be a confusing situation.

One granddaughter, born in London, decided to accompany her deported boyfriend to his family inner-city home. Things went well for him and he hit a tune, got good money and moved into upper St Andrew. They left the year-old baby at Humpty Dumpty Nursery & Play Station. (Eggs don't sit on walls again.) By nap time, the same first day, both parents were called to come and pick up their daughter. All the other nice children in the nursery went to sleep in their cribs, or on their mats and cots, but this free-spirited baby, unaccustomed to nap time stood in the crib, held its rails and hollered as she was accustomed; and as children in her old yard cried, especially when they were flogged.

"Murdah! Whaii! Murdah! Help! Whaii! Whaii!" The frightened baby bawled, without class, till her parents came. Management gave a full refund and said how sorry they were to lose the pretty baby. We kept the expelled child for a few days till a new nursery that didn't have nap time was found for her.

Freddie, still annoyed at her son's choice of partner, refused to interfere when they brought over the baby, who cried for his r...c... bottle. She felt somebody taught the baby to say: "I want mi r...c... bottle." She gave them a lecture on good parenting and refused to keep the child when he was expelled from day care.

We talked about the seven-year-old great-grand whose father was asked to take him home when he interrupted the sex-education teacher who kept talking to the class about 'intercourse'.

"Is lie shi ah tell oonu. Is f..k it name." The boy's father, a well-spoken man, defended his son, who had just gone to live with him, and when he told the school what he thought of them, he had to leave and find another school for his child.

One other great grand was expelled when he brought a brother's gun to show his friends at school. They sent away a vivacious nine-year-old when she, like a generous benefactor, found a bag of condoms, brought it to school, and gave a pack to each of her 25 classmates. These children, all under 10, are being sent away from one school and we are anxious the other school may not willingly accept them.

Then what's going on with the parents? Are we all ignoring the power of early childhood training? What's going on?