Sun | Oct 2, 2022

Social media feedback | 'Prison bars still open - Outgoing British high commissioner says Jamaica can still access deal' (Gleaner, July 13, 2017)

Published:Thursday | July 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM

It's actually a good deal, realistically, unless Jamaica has the money to build a prison from scratch. Most prisons are broken down. This Government isn't thinking.

- Paul A. Lynch


So if the British are so desperate, that means the deal stands to benefit them more. Dem opening the door till the PNP gets back in power.

- Cleyon Scott


Give us full disclosure on what it entails, because if part of the deal is to send alleged Jamaicans who commit crime in the UK to complete their sentence here, it can't work. And if we have to contribute to the construction thereof, it is even more unworkable.

- Wayne White


Why dem nuh go build di prison in fi dem own a yawd and try ketch di terrorist dem wey a plague dem? UK nuh think dem do Jamaica enough from way back in a di days till now? Wi have enough prison here, so no thanks!

- Kemara Warren-Beerie


It benefits the UK because then they would deport Jamaicans in their prisons, passing the expense of keeping them to Jamaica. In just a few years, UK will have recouped the money with those savings. Also, the money they intend to use for building prison is already there - in the foreign aid budget. What kind of aid is that?

- Stephen Burnell


Some people forget that the prison to be built is to house criminals held in the UK. It is not there to house criminals already in Jamaica. That point is lost on many.

- Kelleen Johnson-Davis


Jamaica didn't send any of them to the UK, so I don't see why Jamaicans should be asked to foot the bill for any criminal, some of whom were born in the UK. The British have raped Jamaica of most of its resources already and shut the door on us, so I don't know why Jamaica and its people still have interest in the UK.

- Leroy Thompson


At what cost? When will they start shipping back Jamaican criminals in UK jails for the Jamaican Government to feed and house? It will be too late to say no if you have taken the Queen's shilling.

- Alton Jarman

Here is a counter-proposal: Why not give us that J$5.5 billion so we can get more roadworthy police units on our streets 24/7? How about that? That way, you can sleep at nights without worrying about Jamaican criminals crawling to your borders. With J$5.5 billion, we can fix the problem right here at home.

- Delton J. Smith


Three-quarters of Jamaicans are not criminals, so we don't want any more prisons. Instead, the ones we have need renovation, with some new facilities added to them. For the ones on death row, they can build an electric chamber, gallows and an underground fiery furnace to send these wicked serpents to hell.

- Marsha Clarks Hutson


How much did they offer to educate young people or create training programmes to help Jamaicans become employable? How much did they offer to help fix the country's roads and provide jobs or job opportunities for Jamaicans?

- Walter S. Moore


This is no deal for Jamaica. A sense of perspective is always necessary here. Jamaican criminals in the United Kingdom represent a fraction of the immigrant population for the resources offered.

- Douglas Bruce Gooden


Willing to give money to build a prison, rather than give it to fund education or housing solutions, etc., says a whole lot about how the British view Jamaica.

- Juanita Blanco


If the UK is a superpower in the world, so financially strong and they think keeping those prisoners is a burden on their budget, what will we do if we were to accept such a burden?

Richard Murray


The prison the slave masters want to build is not for the prisoners that are already there, it's for the Jamaicans in prison there. It's their problem; let them deal with it. They owe us more than a prison.

Novette Martin


If Jamaica builds a prison from scratch, they'll have to maintain it, so accept the UK's deal.

Paul A. Lynch


The minister of finance needs to take that money to pay his next phone bill.

Swayne Jerome Wallace


Reverse psychology! We don't need anymore jails.

Debbie Richards Broomfield


Do not accept it. They want to deport all Jamaican prisoners so the UK government doesn't have to pay for them. Jamaica does not have the money at its disposal to suddenly increase its prison budget by more than 200 per cent. Shame on the UK for trying to pass the buck while dressing it up as a gift!

Natalie Collins


Give Jamaica a payment plan: monthly payment to feed the inmates and pay the workers.

Fabian Edwards


Them well waan offload them troubles on us. Since them desperate, tell them that the deal is that all costs must be on their heads and we will take our people.

Ainsworth Mac


Big up the Holness administration! That's how we need our leaders to stand up for us.

Vivian Cunningham


They keep pushing it, so clearly it benefits them more than it benefits us.

Jaxis Von Sculsa


Give us the money to build schools and expand our hospitals.

Lovely Anto Hutchinson


We want the money, but we don't want their deportees, so if you can adjust the arrangement, we'll take the $5.5 billion.

Brenda Cohen

The people need opportunities, hope, empowerment and a chance at a better life. They need something positive, not an opportunity to go to a pretty prison. Please take it somewhere else.

Kay Clennon

England have nuff countryside. Why them nuh use fi dem land build prison?

Ann Sterling

They need to give that money to descendants of slaves in the form of housing, jobs, food and medical care!

Sandra Hilton

Why is it jail that they want us to build, instead of schools or hospitals? I guess they only see black people in jails.

Cindy Clarke

Keep the money and the prisoners, too.

Zetron Stewart

Jamaica needs a centre for seniors and play parks for children.

Winifred Anderson

Dem better give Audley Shaw the money for his bill for 2017-2018.

Adam Mandingo Davis

Can they build a hospital to help out KPH?

Phillip Demetrius

Please to take your prison somewhere else.

Kay Clennon

Give us money for enslaving our ancestors.

Marsha Peart

Right now, Kingston needs one more hospital and Portmore desperately needs one, too.

Selah Pitkin