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Bandanna pride and Ishawna shame

Published:Monday | July 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

No one should be surprised by dancehall artiste Ishawna referring to the bandanna fabric in a derogatory fashion.

Ishawna not only showed grave disrespect to our history, our culture and our tradition, but she displayed a lack of knowledge of the significant contribution of Miss Lou.

The bandanna is historically connected to our higglers. This was clothing worn by them and it included beautifully designed head ties. The fabric was once looked down on as being connected to the lower class of Jamaicans.

Miss Lou, more than anyone else, wore bandanna with pride. She also encouraged others to wear it and in time it became fashionable, and beautiful designs from it were made and worn, especially at cultural events.

The fabric is also used for tablecloth and for napkins. Ishawna should know that several of us continue to use the fabric and we keep it in our homes with pride, as it reminds us of a time in the past when the fabric was associated with the downtrodden and with those who have made sacrifices so that we can be who we are today.

Ishawna needs to be rescued from the pit of ignorance in which she is trapped.


Ocho Rios, St Ann