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Social media feedback | Heavy helicopter presence over certain communities - mapping them out before the security forces move in?

Published:Sunday | July 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM

"As a Jamaican, if you don't love this, you are the gunman. Good move; no mercy, no surrender for criminals. Leave no stone unturned. Kick off pots. This is what we want to see, Mr Holness, to feel that you are really taking this crime thing seriously. We need a few more police chopper and drones. Drones are very cheap. Get some."

- Carlos Gray


"Little kids in these areas have it rough ... . They have to counter the dons in their areas, as well as the criminal stigmatisation associated with where they live ... creates a messed-up psyche."

- Andi RC


"I seriously hope this so-called move yields positive results and people are not victimised because they live in these areas. We must realise that many good people live in these areas and have nowhere to go. Hence, they have to stay. Please look for real criminals and don't just brand people as criminals because of their situations."

- Rhona Hamilton


"Yes! Let them tremble in their thieving, blooded clothes.

Their mothers should never birth those wicked creatures to planet earth. They should have died before they took their first breath.

Anybody who stands up against this operation should be charged, because it's either you are the culprit or you are a receiver of blood money, or it's your father, mother, brother, sister or your bad-belly pickney dem.

Look how you decide to mash up the beautiful island!

You all are going to burn in hell fire!

It shall be weeping and grinding of teeth,

And every knee shall bow and every tongue confess

Wait!! Retribution is near, you old criminals.

Repent while you still have a little more time here on earth."

- Nellie Fullerton


"Go in hiding criminals ... which fool is going to do anything with you making known your presence?"

- Dazzling Sapphire

That's not a bad thing. It's a good look. I hope something positive comes out of it. However, bear in mind that good people live everywhere. Do it professionally, but I like it. One of the thing I hate is that they talk out most of the things they are about to do. How do you expect to get results? Remember, criminals have brain, too, and (they) think out of the box to execute their next task."

- Marvia Valentine