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Bishop blind to buggery agenda

Published:Monday | July 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


There might have been a time when none of us really knew or understood the deep and well-calculated recesses of the homosexual agenda. That was in the past.

Now we know, with the exception, it seems, of the Anglican Bishop Howard Gregory, who was reported in The Gleaner's lead story this past Sunday to be in support of the removal of Jamaica's buggery law.

The homosexual issue is not just about same-sex attraction and desires. The movement is a well-financed and incredibly well-oiled political machinery with goals and objectives far beyond what seemed unthinkable and unimaginable decades ago.

In almost every country where the buggery law has been repealed, a raft of what many describe as "anti-family" legislation, policies and actions have followed suit - same-sex marriage, comprehensive sexuality education, among others.

But by far the greatest threat posed by the homosexual political movement, is the threat to the Church. All over the developed world, the rights of Christians to exercise and even express their religious views and convictions are being undermined, eroded and, in instances, penalised.

Obviously, Bishop Gregory is neither reading his Bible correctly nor paying attention to the gathering homosexual storm approaching Jamaica.

The winds of change would be as fast and furious as we see in other parts of the world, including the extreme re-education and resocialisation or our children.

Take heed, Bishop Gregory.


Kingston 8