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At wits' end with NCB

Published:Monday | July 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I write to express my annoyance with NCB and the horrific customer service I have been receiving from their customer care call centre recently.

A few weeks ago, NCB's Internet banking platform prompted me to change my password for security purposes. Having done so, I was barred from using the service. Attempts to generate the access code in an effort to restore my password failed.

My next move was to seek help from their Customer Care Department. I have made numerous calls to their toll free line, sent several emails to customerrelations@jncb.command made quite a few trips to their Mandeville branch to have the issue resolved. However, all my attempts to enable Internet banking access have proven futile.

I then decided that the time had come for me to end my relationship with NCB. On my final attempt via telephone, I was told by an agent that if I wished to terminate business transactions with NCB, I would have to submit the request in writing to their Card Centre, as an email wouldn't suffice. I'm rather appalled that in this technological day and age, NCB expects me to mail them a letter.

Frustrated, I returned to the branch office on Monday where the agent there did her utmost best to assist. She made the necessary updates and assured me that by the end of the business day, my account would be unblocked so I could resume normal Internet banking operations. Fast-forward to three days later, I am still having the same problem.

With the ease at which I'm able to conduct business with financial institutions like JMMB and BNS, I refuse to settle with a company that not only offers poor customer service but makes it so exasperating to have a simple issue resolved. NCB, you need to do better, as this is utter disregard for my time and a lack of appreciation for my business.

Keep in mind that I have the option of ending our years of togetherness and taking my business elsewhere where I'm valued.


Mandeville, Manchester