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Gay men will never overcome biology

Published:Tuesday | July 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I have been observing statements by the Archbishop of Canterbury about homosexuality and wondered when his local minions in the Anglican Church would join the worldwide group-think that characterises those anxious to get on the good side of gay men.

Well, the local bishop bit the bullet and said sex in the anus is fine, despite hepatitis, E. coli and all bacteria that naturally live in the anus. Gay men like to suggest that anal sex is a common heterosexual activity and it is not!

I am 53, have had countless lovers, and no one has ever suggested anal sex. Women hesitate because faecal matter in the vagina, especially near the cervix, is a cause of painful, hard to treat infections. And all the heterosexual lovers, I have had prefer the birth canal to the faecal canal and do not equate the two as gay men would like us to do! Sorry, gay men, you will never overcome biology!

In a society where we still debate whether the father of a child ought to be on its birth certificate, where family life is woefully inadequate, where corrupt leadership spins fantastic crime plans when most of us know the politicians know all criminals and gunmen who live in their constituencies, this joke of an Anglican bishop can find no other social issue to speak on as a church leader than the merits of anal sex?

I stopped going to church years ago because it was clear to me my Anglican pastor was on too many boards to prepare proper sermons, so why should I waste my time if the church leader busies himself with things other than 'God's work'?

I will never go back to the Anglican Church, the church I believed the most level-headed in Jamaica because they have shown me that they do not care about issues that really matter but opine publicly on the private sexual enjoyment of those who like anal sex - a tiny minority!