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Shocked by buggery backtrack

Published:Monday | July 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Some prominent church leaders in Jamaica are now leading the lobby for buggery (engaging human and animal anuses and its stored faecal matter) to be legalised in Jamaica! That, I must confess, I never saw coming.

The LGBT demon hiding behind the popular mask of 'human rights' has sunk its claws into, and captured, even men who should know better, and be opposed to legalising this kind of evil, no matter how unpopular it is to so do.

One wonders if these pastors would likewise call for a repeal of the anti-incest laws that prohibit consenting adult relatives having sex, too. Or, would they also call for a repeal of anti-prostitution laws as well, arguing for the human right to be engaged in consensual adult prostitution and consensual adult incest.

After all, since freedom to do what one wishes as a human right is now more important to them than being unpopular, why not also call for freedom to abuse hard drugs, and to not wear seat belts, too? Why stop with just buggery that has the potential to cause serious health risks to the individual and society?

Human rights is more important to these pastors than common sense and beating back self-harming evil, it does appear, and has become the present god and idol of even some church leaders!