Mon | Dec 5, 2022

Add north coast trips to prison privileges

Published:Thursday | July 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The minister of national security, Robert Montague, has said that 'true' Christianity is allowing convicted criminals opportunities for sexual release.

One must ask, why limit the gestures of Christian charity to just the pleasures of sex? Cell phone jammers interfere with the pleasure of communicating with friends, business colleagues, and family on the outside. Remove them!

And why not allow the prisoners a weekend out or a few trips to the north coast, all expenses paid by their fellow citizens? After all, wouldn't the minister want someone to do that 'unto him' if he were among the least?

Perhaps the minister should just ban jail sentences completely because of the inequities between incarceration and freedom, lawbreakers versus law abiders.

We do want 'Christian' justice for all, don't we?