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Don’t ostracise, demonise Ishawna

Published:Friday | July 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Miss Lou



Who would have remembered the importance of the bandanna to our Jamaican culture? Popular dancehall artiste Ishawna made a statement that no real Jamaican should be proud of. But are persons blowing this out of proportion? She is wrong, and admitting that she is would do her career a lot of good and would stop a lot the critics from talking.

I strongly believe, though, that Ishawna's critics are mostly attacking her and not really what she said. In Jamaica, we say, "duppy know who fi frighten". If you take a look at most of the popular persons who are attacking her, they are known as her enemies. I am sure that if someone else had made this statement, there would be a whole different reaction. Ms Kitty would be careful how she responded to it and it would not be a topic at the most popular reggae show on earth, Reggae Sumfest.

There are so many things that are being done by us Jamaicans that go against our Jamaican culture or even our beliefs as black people, and not many persons who have the medium to speak out, speak out against these things.

Mrs Louise Bennett Coverley was a woman of dignity. She was a multifaceted, vivacious person and believed in her Jamaican Creole when not many other persons among the elites in Jamaica did. She surpassed a lot of critics during her time and she responded to them maturely.

Maybe Ishawna is ignorant about the significance of the bandanna and the importance of Ms Lou to our culture. The more educated persons need to educate her, but don't try to ostracise and demonise her.

Stacy Richards