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Let's not pretend to be homophobic

Published:Friday | July 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


While I can find no 'method in their madness', I am nonetheless moved to comment on the TVJs All Angles' presentation of July 26, 2017, which tried to address Bishop Gregory's contribution to the parliamentary committee's review of the Sexual Offence Act.

The discussion was, to my mind, not cerebral enough to call home about, but it being on national television must not go unnoticed.

First, there are differences between being a homosexual on one hand and engaging in anal sex on the other.

In 2015, someone identified that over 40 per cent of heterosexuals engage in anal sex. Whether that is so does not give legitimacy to homosexuality.

Homosexuality is not just about sex! It is more about intimate emotional involvement of individuals of the same sex.

Second, where do we come away with the idea that more homosexuals will seek help at the health facilities if the society accepts their way of life and not stigmatise them? Even nature and our biological makeup go against homosexuality.




The anus was made for excretion of bodily waste once or twice daily through peristalsic movements not for ingression or constant friction, as the vagina is constructed to accommodate. To say, therefore, that we should tolerate their choice is weak and fallacious. Rightness has nothing to do with statistics. In other words, even if everybody is doing it,that doesn't necessarily make it correct to be done.

Furthermore, the propensity of the anus to transmit certain diseases readily should be another indication of what it's misuse can do.

The final point that I'll make now is: seeing that we are being coerced to 'play to the gallery' on this matter of accepting homosexuality, what should the society do? Should bestiality become the order of the day and participants are reluctant to access our health facilities due to stigmatisation?

Should we 'respect their choice' of sex objectification? And although gay marriages are not yet very prevalent (but trying to get there), what should we do after the church would have accepted homosexuality and is then called upon to marry a woman with a dog?

Let's not pretend to be homophobic. We are homo-antipathetic.

Lerroy Brown