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Peter Phillips being overlooked already

Published:Friday | July 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Peter Phillips


Dr Peter Phillips had leadership ambitions for over a decade. Now that he has been party president for over three months, future leaders like Peter Bunting and Phillip Paulwell are overlooking him by fighting a proxy war in South West St Andrew.

These two give the public a perception that Peter Phillips can't win the next general election, therefore, they are making their move now. Many believe that if Angela Brown Burke can't win South West St Andrew, that's the end of Phillip Paulwell's leadership ambitions.

Also, many feel that if Audrey Smith Facey (ASF) wins, Peter Bunting automatically becomes the most powerful man in the PNP. He already has the majority of the delegates in delegate-rich constituencies of South East St Ann and Southern St Andrew. South West St Andrew alone has 1,900 delegates.

Many disgruntled renewal Comrades are disappointed with Peter Phillips' handling of this internal fight, for example, using statements against persons talking about the "unconstitutional" way Angela was brought in.

Many feel he's in support of Brown Burke.



It is sad how this situation is playing out in the public.

Portia Simpson Miller was MP for over four decades, therefore, many feel that she should have had a proper succession plan.

Smith Facey, in many eyes, was the de facto MP in PSM's absence due to her national outreach. Smith Facey told Nationwide 90 FM that she had seen PSM days before she had endorsed Brown Burke. Audrey said that she and PSM even greeted each other, but she never told her in front of her face that she had no confidence in Brown Burke and that she wanted someone else.

Portia basically told the Jamaica Observer in a story headlined 'Portia tells why' that Smith Facey was rude and that she didn't love the people like she did. Maybe if PSM had told ASF, she would've withdrawn her candidacy out of respect for the former MP.

Teddylee Gray

Ocho Rios, St