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Social Media Feedback | 'Bad-mind' active - crime, violence, corruption and envy the worst things about living in Jamaica

Published:Sunday | July 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM

"It's the politicians that have no faith in the people. All we hear from them is negativity. If you keep feeding negativity, the response is a people who are tired, bored and feeling hopelessness. Give the people something to strive for. Build youth centres. There are sooooo many talented youth. Jamaica must stop bad-mouthing ALL youth. The majority just want one simple thing and that is, A CHANCE."

- Katty Lee


"Can't allow them to win, have to keep praying for peace while teaching. Will always be proud of Jamaica, especially those of us who grew up experiencing a different, kinder, softer, more loving Jamaican people."

- Sarah Steele


"Trevor go siddung 'cause you bad mind, too. All these people doing a broad study come up with some manure all the time. I am proud to be a Jamaican. Yes, things tuff and time hard, but no wey no better than yaad."

- Avia Elliston


"You are guilty as hell. Me proud a my country. Me no grudge no one for what they have or bad mind them, either. Satisfy with what me have. You Mr Politician Man, you are a part of what did a gwaan long time. No come out and a behave as if you are innocent. Blood deh pon a lot of you politicians'hands."

- Muffet Harrison