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British Airways soars with D'Aguilar's service

Published:Monday | July 31, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Please allow me to publicly convey my appreciation to Mr D'Aguilar, a supervisor from British Airways, in the handling of a situation.

Last month, there was a problem we encountered at the Norman International Airport and which required the intervention of Mr D'Aguilar. The patience demonstrated from this gentleman, while listening to us relaying what went wrong, was heart-warming. We were very distraught. He took the time to not only listen to us, but offered a solution.

In fact, because of how Mr D'Aguilar handled the matter, the atmosphere became more relaxed and calm as he worked feverishly to resolve the matter. The matter, however, could not be resolved that day, but he work tirelessly the following day to bring closure.

His professionalism, demeanour and attitude were a sight for sore eyes. I humbly offered a suggestion that would make a difference and prevent a recurrence and was very surprised that he not only appreciated it, but took my suggestion on board and conveyed to me that he would.

Mr D'Aguilar, thank you on behalf of my family for the thoughtfulness, care and humility demonstrated those days. You epitomise, on behalf of British Airways, best practice, customer service par excellence, and service above self.

To British Airways, I say you have a gem, as not many supervisors in such a situation would represent with such high standards in the service given on those days.

I wish you all the best, Mr D'Aguilar, and leave you with the thought that though different situations will or may warrant different outcomes, please continue to remain compassionate, humble and calm, as you did with us that day last month.


St Catherine