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Social media feedback | 'FLA board resigns amid gun permit controversy'

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


If the board goes, the minister should go, too, because he is the one who appointed his political cronies to such sensitive positions. If this is not corruption, what else is?

- Bari Blaxx


Well, hope it nuh stop there. Whatever disciplinary actions are to be taken, whether fines or imprisonment, take them. No ease-up!

- Ainsworth Mac


Legal guns have always fallen into the hands of criminals since forever. Some get it like how dem buy driver's licence.

- Oakley Lyle


One of the biggest problems with Jamaica is whenever certain upper-class people are found guilty of wrongdoing, a resignation is good enough. Then they, the same corrupt individuals, blend back into society as if they did nothing wrong. Why not lay criminal charges against these individuals, if there is compelling evidence?

- S.Z. Razakiovic


About time! These boards need to realise that it is their ship, and when it goes down, they also go down. Take responsibility! Me tired of all these missaman collecting or spending taxpayers' money with nothing to show for it, excepting corruption.

- Rose Rainford

Good. Minister who appointed them should go as well.

- Omar Blue


So why this nuh happen when our politicians break the law?

- Gabbii Mummii

At least some effort is being made under this administration to deal with corruption.

- Maxine Chin