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Where is new shadow Cabinet?

Published:Thursday | August 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


On ascending to the leadership of the PNP on March 6, 2017, Peter Phillips promised to name a revised shadow Cabinet by the end of April.

To date, he has not named one. I suspected he is having trouble after dubbing his support group 'Team Renewal'.

Tell me, who among the current crop could make this renewed team? When I look at someone like Dr Morais Guy, who has been a member of parliament for many moons and a minister in successive PNP administrations, I can understand the difficulty he faces.

Dr Guy has made no meaning full contribution worthy of remembrance except when he had children in 2015 risk their lives by jumping from rocks to rocks, crossing the Wag Water River in Chesterfield, St Mary, to get to school.

Another one I can safely say is being considered is Phillip Paulwell. All I will say about him is that he surely has the 'magic touch,' as he has repeatedly turned diamonds into dust.

Lisa Hanna has been tumultuous. If she paid as much attention to her constituency and shadow portfolio as she did to social media, she would not be graded a dismal failure.

So, Dr Phillips, I eagerly await your special hand-picked team, but from the looks of things, it appears, you are not even able to find your own shadow.