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Published:Friday | August 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM

'Reid recants claims of corruption, extortion - Opposition, JTA blast minister'

He should have used different words, but we all know some of the schools overdo it. Some of them have no regard for the sore-foot man that is also blind and can't work to pay for test papers.

- Charmaine Bicknell


Can't believe a man of your calibre took back your talk and apologise, Mr Reid. Did Ronnie Thwaites apologise for calling students "leggo beasts"?

- Ian Patterson


Withdraw the truth?! When a school tells you that your child can't graduate because you didn't pay the fee and withholds results or other school documents because fees outstanding, what else should they be called? A lot of these auxiliary fees are unreasonable, and even when you pay some, the child is still punished! They are trying to take money by force, like extortionists! The ministry is clear on the matter, so stop withholding things from the children!

- Tracey-ann Marie Mair


Weak. A man in your position should do the proper research to make informed comments, then stand by said comments. This only hurts your image and ability to lead.

- Otienno Coleman


He should have said what he said differently. The truth is, some schools have high fees. The other reality is that the Government does not provide adequate support. How do you expect quality service without quality investment? These schools do well because of the resources they get. Someone has to pay for that. If the Government kept their responsibility or if people contributed more to their alumni, they would not have to charge high fees.

- Lilo Maple Leaf Padilla


I'm in agreement with the minister on the exorbitant fees, but he went overboard in referring to extortion and corruption. Politics, politics, politics!

- Barry Congo


While I agree that schools might be asking for too much, it still doesn't give the minister the authority to behave in such a rude manner. This goes to show the lack of respect this Government has always displayed. Sorry doesn't always make it right.

- Bari Blaxx


Time longer than rope, Ruel. Is long time dem extorting parents. And now everyone jumping up like you commit genocide. Old hypocrites.

- Avia Elliston


Nuff people didn't like your statement, Mr Reid! However, the truth is the truth. Some schools go hard! And the principals know themselves.

- Mahalia Brown


They are extortionists in the real sense. I don't think he should have withdrawn his statement. Many of them are thieves.

- Andrea Firstlady Graham


Don't think he should have withdrawn his utterance. - Davion Salmon

Some of dem teachers and principals too wicked and licky-licky. - Blu Berry

Choose your words more carefully, Mr Reid. - Yvonne Brown