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Clarendon cops failed Rocky Point regatta

Published:Sunday | August 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I feel that the Lionel Town police, the Clarendon Police Division, and the Police High Command have failed the law-abiding citizens of Rocky Point.

Rocky Point is a known volatile community and, I think, is on the Clarendon police blotters for a high crime rate.

On the weekend, Rocky Point, under the auspices of the Social Development Commission, sponsors and others, hosted a regatta and stage show on the community beach.

This event was well publicised in adjoining communities and was well attended. Hundreds converged at the venue. About 9 p.m., when all in attendance were enjoying themselves and having a fun-filled evening, gunshots rang out.

All in attendance ran for cover and fear was etched on their faces as screaming women and children fled into shops. Shops that were filled with patrons closed their doors; others frantically banged on the doors seeking refuge. In the wake of this, where were the police?

How could the police, knowing that such an event was being held in what is deemed to be a volatile, crime-ridden community, not have one uniformed police officer in the crowd or on the scene? It was long after - almost an hour before the police arrived on the scene.

I think Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell and Mayor Winston Maragh (who was at the event) should answer to Rocky Point and adjoining communities and all in attendance for the absence of the police at this event.