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Ticket traffic tortoises

Published:Sunday | August 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


After wasting productive time again in another unnecessary traffic build-up on Mandela Highway, I got to thinking about the unfairness of life. I must begin by confessing that I have been ticketed a time or more for exceeding the speed limit. Definitely nothing to be proud about, as I am usually repentant on each occasion, until frustration rears its head again!

Alas, I realise that more often than not, the traffic snarl is caused by the tortoises that are operating motor vehicles and not the ongoing construction activities. They are travelling well below the speed limit, and inevitably obstruct the smooth flow of the daily traffic. They seem to be co-conspirators, as one is found in every lane and after every sixth car.

In order to ensure equity and fairness, I am recommending that they, too, should be ticketed for driving too slowly, preventing the free flow of traffic and, by extension, negatively impacting national productivity.

Talk truth, fair is fair!!

Aretha P. Willie